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EXPRESSIONLESS and unmoved, Brian Wilson spent the entire night sitting at his piano, often not playing, sometimes missing his cue and occasionally forgetting lyrics.
Summary: Middle class voters remain unmoved amid biggest battle for votes
But he's unmoved and says he'll be bringing a court case against Alicia.
Global Banking News-November 20, 2014--HSBC says Sweden's central bank might remain unmoved on gold cap
I said "Not at all, because you don't care" A BMW driver overtook me yesterday Then he cut me up, it didn't cut both ways I was unmoved by this status symbol car He'd tried intimidation - uncouth by far It's not uncommon on the modern road Possibly ostentatiously, a brainless way to goad Jock Brownlee, Wood End.
Inside, many belongings and mementoes had been left unmoved since her life was cut short at the age of 25.
THE Australian media may have got worked up about the Wallabies' Tri-Nations warm-up Test loss to Samoa in Sydney on Sunday but bookmakers are unmoved, writes Max Oram.
I particularly enjoyed the description of Rearden at fourteen as the unmoved mover, and Salsman's comparing Rearden to Steve Jobs.
When the deceased's neighbour, Evan Fleming, is questioned about the death, he appears unmoved by news of the murder or the fact that he and his young daughter were living so close to a child molester.
How is it possible that the Germans were able to rebuild bombed-out Berlin and Dresden after 1945, while the can-do Americans have been unmoved by one of the great heritage losses of the 20th century?
Although Puff was a meritorious winner of the Dubai Duty Free Stakes, the layers were relatively unmoved about her chances of glory in the StanJames.
Union Chief of Balochistan Zone, Akhtar Baloch maintained that it is now nearly a month that we are protesting for our genuine rights but PBC administration is unmoved due to reasons best known them.