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In short, the Ferris patent states that in the down-swing of a golf shot with non-ergonomic wide-butt golf grips all the fingers of the "left hand" tighten but only some of them move, and by doing so lever the grip section on which they impact by moving it against the unmoving wide-butt section under the little finger.
Lots of road, full of lots of unmoving cars and lots of very bored drivers all wishing they'd not had that second cup of tea before they set off.
Mosquito larva thrive in stagnant or unmoving water while the mosquito fish is hardy and can survive even in highly polluted water.
The Rice Paper Diaries by Francesca Rhydderch She tried to fix her gaze on something certain and unmoving, like the strip of sea that was Victoria Harbour, or the two small islands out in the water, but they refused to stay still, and her hand shook as she ran it down the rail.
He would show all the grace and balance of a dancer or martial artist as he hopped on and off the cars - to stand unmoving and utterly unsupported, with flares and curly locks flapping romantically.
com/carnival-dream-reports-power-outages-overflowing-toilets-st-maarten-video-1126805) Carnival Dream , experienced technical problems in the Caribbean, leaving passengers stranded aboard the unmoving vessel without electricity and running water.
The sun has not risen, curious phrase, the sun as we know neither rising nor setting, fixed in the sky, unmoving, planets spinning around it, turning and turning on their axes.
The vehicle stopped and witnesses said three unmoving bodies could be seen.
He said Mr Evans, a widowed father of two and a retired RAF fireman, who met King through a gay dating site, was already lying unmoving on the floor when the first film began.
On dry, unmoving, land it would have been a dodgy combination but add in the rocking and the merciless groans of "urrrgghhhh" from my other half, let's just say I was reacquainted with my meal several more times before the night was out.
Set against New York's orderly, unmoving grid, Saraceno's construction is utopian in the sense of the word's derivation, a "no place.
Or the stiff, unmoving tree that stands straight against the winds and is snapped in two?