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Meanwhile, this will serve as a heads-up alert that we have such dogs in our neighborhood and to call 911 if these dogs are seen outside and unmuzzled.
Former President Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani shook up the establishment with a sermon at Friday prayers last week that said dissidents should be freed from the jails and the press should be unmuzzled or the current "crisis" would result in the end of the Islamic Republic.
In January 2007 13-year-old Louise Kelly was attacked by an unmuzzled dog which tore her leg apart.
Both Julie Beggs and Angela Walker were left injured and doubtless traumatised last August when both were savaged in the space of a fortnight by the same unmuzzled dog in Crosland Moor.
At first, he legalized numerous political parties, unmuzzled the press, and decreased the military's power.
Readers, however, only glimpse this association of Master Romford with the hounds he keeps, as when Surtees depicts him on the scent of a fox, directing his own dogs when their noses fail (50-51, 253), or when he tells us that he "generally gobbled [his dinner] up like a hound" (378), or when we catch the seemingly inexhaustible monster in the pose of fatigue, to signal an evening's dismissal, as when he breaks up the Beldon Hall party with "a great unmuzzled yawn" (406).
The image of humiliation appeared before him, large as life, unmuzzled.
Nonetheless, there was a most of its muggs up until sense that the muggs were unmuzzled and dogged in their persistence, hunting all over town to upturn morsels.
Ms Shakeshaft said neighbours who belive they have seen Coban unmuzzled are confusing it with their other dog Lucy, a sandy-coloured puppy.
Disclosed less than a week after the CBS program was an internal Army report which found that "numerous incidents of sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses were inflicted on several detainees" at Abu Ghraib; among these were incidents of kicking, punching, and other physical abuse, coerced masturbation and other sexual humiliation, forced nudity, and the use of unmuzzled dogs as weapons of intimidation.
Classified as enemy combatants and therefore ineligible for the rights accorded prisoners of war, denied access to a lawyer or a writ of habeas corpus, the detainees fall into the category of a subhuman species available to experiment--kept in cages; exposed to deafening noise, unmuzzled dogs, extreme temperatures of heat and cold; stripped naked and searched for contraband in their teeth and anal cavities; deprived of food, medicine, water, and sleep; seldom allowed to stand or move unless shackled with the weight of chains.
Or so argues Robert Greenwald's Outfoxed, a fine piece of guerilla filmmaking that captures the ignoble sight of Bill O'Reilly, FOX's unmuzzled id, telling a Boy Scout and the son of a 9 11 victim, among others, to "shut up.