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During the transfer, a lower meter reading was transcribed for this man's home, which meant that when the actual reading was obtained a huge discrepancy occurred, resulting in his unnaturally high bill," he said.
Unnaturally high price of local cotton increased the cost of yarn production in China making the spinning industry unviable.
Not the real Secretary of State, of course, but a tall and unnaturally coiffed Israeli actor who bears an uncanny resemblance to the one-time Democratic presidential nominee.
SIR - Cows on "mega-dairy" farms, such as the one that will soon be built at Powys, are in constant misery: forced to produce unnaturally and therefore uncomfortably high yields of milk.
Holding her accessory slightly unnaturally in front of her, the youngest daughter of Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone was absorbed in thought as she left the venue with her husband in tow.
Sam said: we went on tour with Biffy the of bit about when we started to was a couple body we les ody ed to turally "Before most we'd played and all of a sudden hundred unnaturally to over a thousand were playing It was huge.
We were unnaturally part of the former country because we were different from many aspects.
Now human-made climate change, with an unnaturally rapid shifting of climate zones, threatens to add a new overwhelming stress.
Summary: The Lebanese government should investigate the deaths of eight migrant domestic workers who died in October, and the reasons behind the unnaturally high death rate among the community, leading rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Monday.
jjWhen England, needed one point to qualify for Euro 2008, they played Lescott, Barry, and Gerrard unnaturally wide-left against Croatia.
The intelligent ones have finally latched on to the idea that possessing unnaturally large, jutting jugs makes them look cheap and ludicrous.