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With each of these connections, Alber explains how earlier works offer equally unnatural spaces; the difference is that their unnaturalness has been conventionalized and incorporated into our cognitive frames.
The overstatement of these conventions underlines the unnaturalness of what is required to produce normality.
The monstrous unnaturalness of modern warfare oppressed him like suffocation.
7) Fearful of what they imagine as the women's impropriety and unnaturalness, the men convince themselves that they must destroy the Others to protect their own.
34) Near the beginning of the article, he remarks on the unnaturalness of the revolutionary movement, counterpoising the Russian and the Western attitudes toward authority, and citing the "summoning of the Varangians" as evidence.
Their sensuously skin-like surfaces are in tension with the taut perfection of their conceptual unnaturalness as they personify figures of faith or myth.
Additionally, this design became possible because of the features of EBS: (1) The behavior of models can be always simulated even if they aren't calculable, (2) The unnaturalness of EBS is controlled taking into account its visibility, reliability, and suggestiveness, (3) Students can receive meaningful behavioral feedback on their every trial in a situation (it needn't be changed), and (4) Such correspondence between a situation and a problem makes it easier to design a well-aligned sequence of problems.
In the end, all of our attempts at developing Garcia-Ramirez's sketch into a full proposal seem to have resulted in triviality or unnaturalness.
Diaz's comparisons of Trujillo to Sauron, for example, seem clearly to fall into the second category, and readers see Trujillo's unnaturalness as thematic commentaries on the range and extent of his power.
Does it speak to some deep resistance to, some discomfort with, the bad voice of Dylan, of Carole King, with what's now generations of the forced, constructed unnaturalness of punk singing, from Dylan to Johnny Rotten to Kim Gordon to Kathleen Hanna?
He calls attention to the implicit monstrosity of the Indian Boy himself and the sheer unnaturalness of Titania's obsession with him.
Several French women artists have made this division between sex and gender a pivotal aspect of their work; problematising woman's body and often eclipsing it entirely, leaving behind a very obviously artificial construct to highlight the unnaturalness of gender, of femininity.