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The supply craft is to remain docked with the ISS until October 28, when it will be deorbited and sunk in an unnavigable part of the Pacific Ocean.
If you just keep adding information, pages and elements to your website without prioritizing and streamlining, you'll create an unnavigable behemoth that will drive away visitors.
Quirks such as these, however, are not unnavigable, and do not distract from the overall thrust or conviction of the text.
This international waterway, shared by the South German states, the Habsburg Monarchy, and the Ottoman Empire together with its tributary vassal principalities, Serbia and Romania, was a potentially lucrative export route, but was unnavigable for much of its lower lengths.
Swift unnavigable waters, swinging screaming baboons, sleeping snakes, red gums ready for their sweet white blood.
While the diversity of groups and organizations connected to disability and medical needs may seem more unnavigable than helpful, increasingly, there are both efforts at coordination and finding tools that allow families to use organizations as a means to access information and support for their participation.
Were we to do so, it would make the space inside the Arabian Gulf so constricted that it would be unnavigable.
The valley itself was almost unnavigable, crisscrossed by ditches and shallow wadis.
Overturned cars left streets unnavigable and flattened trucks clogged highway shoulders.
would have linked two cities that are virtually unnavigable without
In Karen Russell's widely praised inaugural novel, Swamplandial, the unnavigable landscape of Ten Thousand Islands in Southwest Florida is the setting which, by its wildness, earns it the status of the book's central character.
4) The lover's separation from the beloved presents itself as mimetic regression that makes the distance between perception and exposition unnavigable.