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Life settlements involving unneeded key-person or buy-sell policies can provide businesses with increased cash flow to solve immediate financial needs, while transactions concerning split-dollar policies can help facilitate retirement planning and charitable giving.
With an ironclad records management system, opposing counsel will think twice, making the defensible disposition of unneeded and unwanted records truly a liability insurance policy.
CARES was developed to identify the infrastructure VA will need to care for veterans in the 21st century, redirecting resources from unneeded buildings to veterans' care.
That really isn't in the best interest of the patient, because one of the problems with fee-for-service medicine is that there are still a tremendous number of procedures that are unneeded and/or unnecessary.
Academic approaches to the Christian faith and Scripture are often seen to be unneeded for the Christian student.
One way to tighten would be to eliminate unneeded information; in entry 3093, for example, the whole first sentence could be cut without sacrificing anything of importance, and the same is true of the first half of entry 72.
Useless platforms, passageways that end abruptly, precarious towers of obscure purpose, ruptured cubicles, tortured metal armatures, steel excrescences that look less like decorative motifs than unneeded prosthetics--it all gives the impression of a bomb dropped into a planned community.
It teaches clutter hoarders how to emotionally detach from unneeded items and how to decorate with what remains.
The Xl-100 is said to be designed for the researcher who is interested in getting fast, repeatable data from an instrument that is not encumbered by unneeded levels of complication.
If doctors had acted on all the computer's suggestions by performing follow-up biopsies, they would have caught more breast cancers, but they would also have performed more unneeded procedures.
6 billion during a decade -- from veterans' health care to maintenance on unneeded or unused facilities.
Retaining unneeded real properties presents federal agencies with significant potential risks for (1) lost dollars because such properties are costly to maintain; and (2) lost opportunities because the properties could be put to more cost-beneficial uses, exchanged for other needed property, or sold to generate revenue for the government.