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Their voices threaten to be silenced completely, their repression seen as unnotable, if the normalization of the government's state-sponsored terrorism continues.
the bulk of unnotable women has been largely ignored" (xiv).
The mention is brief, unnotable but for the fact that Serah is defined doubly: as child of Asher and sister of his sons.
WUPPERTAL, Germany -- At precisely 8:30 each weekday morning a group of some 30 Wal-Mart executives gather around a rectangular table in a 20-by-30-foot room in the company's otherwise unnotable headquarters office in Wuppertal, Germany.
The staff members of S-21 were not movie caricatures of sociopaths, but on the whole only notable for being unnotable, for 'their ordinariness and banality' (p.
Most notable was an incident involving the highly unnotable action thriller ``Reindeer Games.