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The advantage of RFID is that "it is one of the few data carrying technologies available that do not require an unobscured line of sight to the product.
The skyview factor describes the percentage of unobscured sky, which is related to the radiation received or emitted in an area (Chen et al.
Videos are reviewed by trained technicians in the office to monitor visibility of the pipe circumference, unobscured by low light, standing water, debris and other pipe conditions.
These boundaries are, however, partially unobscured locally for participants in relation to questions evoking the prospect of more intimate connections with detainees, and it is only by disavowing anxieties raised by this prospect that the legitimacy of detention and feelings of homeliness can be justified affectively and ethically.
The OCT allows us to look at neurons and axons in isolation, unobscured by inflammation and changes in myelin.
It will take some time, and renewed trust in the government, for thoroughgoing freedom of expression to prevail and for artists to be able to present their versions of Burmese national identity unobscured by artistic euphemisms.
Even when 99 percent of the suns surface is obscured by the moon, the unobscured sliver of the suns surface can damage the eyes.
The garden is open to the fields beyond with unobscured views of the Warwickshire countryside from the patio.
Generally, obscured AGNs are more difficult to detect than unobscured ones because of dust extinction by the torus and/or the host galaxy.
He felt the cool air of the winter night on his face as the hole widened and he could see the night sky above, the stars unobscured by wire.
If IBC 2014 had any theme at all, it was this sort of realism, uncolored by political agenda and unobscured by hype.
It is hard to escape the sense of mastery as the stars move in the wide clear heavens to rising and settings unobscured.