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This study had several strengths including the large sample, longitudinal data, detailed proxy respondent information, and inclusion of individual-level fixed effects to remove unobservable time-invariant confounders.
In Sections 3, 4, and 5, we determine the equilibrium and socially optimal strategies in observable queues, the partially observable queues, and the unobservable queues, respectively.
72 directs governments to maximize their use of observable inputs (level 1 and level 2 inputs) and to minimize the use of unobservable inputs (level 3 inputs).
These pre-treatment variables may be associated with unobservable factors affecting both credit participation and the outcomes of interest; therefore the inclusion of these variables helps reduce bias.
For certain applications it will be useful to have system representations in which observable and unobservable state variables can be explicitly distinguished.
When companies disclose a wide range of significant unobservable inputs for a given class of assets or liabilities, disclosure of weighted-average information or expanded discussion of the reasons for this wide range, in order to provide additional context and understanding for investors
Though there are studies examining medication adherence that address the issue of unobservable exposure time, by either adjusting the time period by subtracting unobserved days or by excluding these patients altogether (Andrade, Kahler, Frech, & Chan, 2006; Caderette, Solomon, Katz, Patrick, & Brookhart, 2011), this is by no means a universal approach.
I consider the optimal contract terms for both risk managers when the level of risk manager effort is observable and in the more interesting cases when the level of effort is unobservable.
However, psychology must also grant the existence of the mental, or cognitive, dimension of the mind, which is unobservable but whose elements may nevertheless be considered causal for behavior.
In addition, the information provided may not always be conducive to an investor's understanding of the unobservable inputs used in these measurements.
I guess I'll have to read future issues of your fine magazines when I'm alone and unobservable.
Only to the extent that the summer learning experience varies by unobservable characteristics of the student will this finding bias value-added estimates.