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The strategy depends on voters being too blind, too wildly unobservant, to see what happens in plain sight.
The examples are numerous: Herbert Quain's final book, Statements, contains deliberate strategies to mislead the unobservant reader; in "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" the narrator of the novel imagined by the characters Borges and Bioy Casares voluntarily alters the facts so that the truth is revealed only to "a few of the book's readers--a very few--"(68) ("a unos pocos lectores--a muy pocos lectores--" [1: 431]); in "The Garden of Forking Paths" Ts'ui Pen leaves his work "to several futures (not to all)" (125) ("a varios porvehires (no a todos)" [1: 477]).
A group of cocky, unobservant Aussies sledged him on his way out of the ground, thinking they were having a pop at Vaughan, now a top cricket broadcaster.
Most of us in Leominster were unobservant but I believe today (that) all of us who went to school in Worcester have a deep love for the rebbe (Yeshiva founder Rabbi Hershel Fogelman) and Judaism," wrote Capt.
order to divert the attention of the unobservant reader/listener.
Labour Zionism, mostly unobservant but often of a deeply religious turn of mind, made use of biblical geography, names and vocabularies to enhance its sense of the secular miracle of the Jews' return to their ancestral homeland.
In other words, redistribution will contribute to increased acceptance of religious non-membership in the heavily religious, if mostly unobservant, West.
He said he had no longer an excuse to live an unobservant life as he regularly gets beeping reminders that would alert him to stop and pray during his busy schedule while running a limo service.
Like Sally in Bourton, Elizabeth is consciously unobservant of the rules of behaviour and etiquette: Clarissa notes how "[Elizabeth] did not care a bit" about "how she dressed, how she treated people who came to lunch" (2000: 10), which is a reflection on her feeling duty-less towards the maintenance of her parents' social status.
Introducing miles of extra railing, for the sake of sparing a few unobservant jockeys, would resurrect unnecessary safety issues and take us back to the dark ages.
While unobservant males could miss those subtle touches, they'd surely find it hard to overlook a red and white art print boldly stating "Deeply Madly In Love".