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Asset correlation is in particular very sensitive to the assumptions of the statistical model; for instance if the unobserved component is autoregressive, as opposed to i.
This framework is constructed as follows: Subjective taste preference can be treated as unobserved individual heterogeneity in the choice process (Ben-Akiva, Bolduc, & Bradley, 1993); psychometric constructs, such as consumer perceptions and attitudes, can be treated as latent variables of factor analysis or structural equation models (Muthen, 1984), because such latent variable models have considerable potential ability to combine together choice behavior and psychometric indicators; objective alternative attributes can be dealt with by economic utility in discrete choice models, which are derived from probability forms of chosen alternatives under an assumption of utility-maximizing behavior by the consumer.
For humans, an unobserved fall can have very serious consequences.
apply the general steps of SEM framework, assessing the reliability and validity of the unobserved measurement model and the structural (or regression) model.
Without such statistical controls it would be possible that any observed bivariate relationship could be attributed to an unobserved third factor.
We believe SQ372 is the first detected member of a comet population in the outer solar system that comes from the, up-until-now, unobserved inner Oort Cloud," says codiscoverer Nathan Kaib of the University of Washington in Seattle.
Secure knife boxes should be put in places where youngsters can visit unobserved.
This paper employs a Kalman filter estimate of unobserved states to measure a quarterly NAWRU--the rate of unemployment at which wage inflation is stable.
None comes, though he is attracted to her, repeating the words with each descent and one time unobserved watching her descend by herself.
We model economic activity in the Sixth District as being driven by an unobserved common factor.
Microsoft has therefore complied - just - with the latest deadline set by the Commission on 14 November (see Europolitics 3190), although it has let several previous deadlines pass by unobserved.