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Stagehands, some employing lighting devices, sit unobtrusively around its base.
This practice seems to be entirely without tiresome vanity for here, as there, it has extrapolated from the existing scale and order to create volumes that, where necessary, fit in so unobtrusively as to be scarcely recognizable as interlopers.
Unobtrusively installed elsewhere in the church, smaller pieces by Martine Aballea, Barbara Kruger, and others played on these same tensions between outward form and inner feelings.
For starters, the system has been designed to unobtrusively affix flush on the wall, can be operated from remote locations throughout the apartment, offers audio transmissions far superior on standard intercoms, has on-screen messaging capabilities, as well as medical and smoke alerts.
Kudos go to the technical staff who kept all of this going so unobtrusively.
Ronald Brons of Los Gatos, California, unobtrusively installed a 5-foot-long roll-holding pipe under a row of cabinets.
DINING OUT: Almost unobtrusively, in the far corner of busy Warner Plaza on the northeast corner of the intersection at Topanga Canyon and Ventura Boulevard, Big Al's Homestyle Barbecue quietly opened on Jan.
From desk, to book, to spectacle case, each object is shown in circumstances that unobtrusively emphasize its nature.
The camera recording all this is not stationary but moves unobtrusively, as if sensitively following the story; the tape has been subtly processed so that it is slightly jerky.
In Jennifer Muller's new work, The Spotted Owl, the Marty Beller percussion ensemble is arranged unobtrusively upstage.
He and his team do it all, quietly and unobtrusively, much of it between midnight and dawn.