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In the section, we would like to show experimental results and to discuss the effect of embedding the watermark image in regard to the unobtrusiveness, robustness and unambiguousness characteristics.
It is less familiar to us primarily because of the absence or unobtrusiveness of records about it.
Crosses complete with the Passion of Christ are a growing characteristic feature of the Slovene countryside that, in the opinion of some, exceed the limits of unobtrusiveness and good taste.
It was wonderful to witness the simplicity and unobtrusiveness of many design solutions.
What makes the devices used in an assisted living facility different from those typically employed by nursing homes is an emphasis on unobtrusiveness.
The products' unobtrusiveness in the home all dovetail nicely into Jenn-Air's reputation and consumer perceptions associated with the name.
The convenience, accessibility, and unobtrusiveness of administrative data for research purposes are features that cannot be ignored.
That this is the case is apparent, since the Court's entire balancing process consisted of a single sentence at the end of the majority opinion, which merely referred to "the decreased expectation of privacy, the relative unobtrusiveness of the search, and the severity of the need,"(91) and concluded summarily that the random drug testing program was reasonable.
The height of the gable, the natural light flooding through the panels, and the unobtrusiveness of the grid all combine to make the space seem large, airy, and inviting.
0 can be implemented in as little as six to 12 months, and consistently garners praise from clinicians for its unobtrusiveness to the ED workflow.
If there is one phrase to describe him in company, it is his persistent unobtrusiveness.
And while a curved TV may look like a work of art, LG also has a flat TV design for those looking for simplicity and unobtrusiveness.