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Bray finds a disturbing irony in the observation that many people seem unperturbed or unoffended that they no longer have the freedom to move around unobserved or undetected.
The reaction wasn't as bad as I thought though and he quite pleasantly told me, quite unoffended.
The fans appeared unoffended and continued to talk to him, requesting a happy birthday message for a friend which he gave into the camera with a thumbs up.
Religious folk are rarely unoffended, illustrating extraordinary levels of intolerance in their quest for tolerance.
294) Although those federal interests are outweighed by the states' interest in choosing to grant broader remedial effect to federal law, (295) it is doubtful that the federal interest in uniformity would remain unoffended if a state or states were to grant less remedial effect to a federal constitutional rule than the federal courts--having taken comity into consideration--are required to grant on habeas review of the state courts.
I'm a large man and I like to think I can control the naughty engines," he laughs, utterly unoffended by his role as The Fat Controller.
Gordon, 50, is known for his fiery temperament, but he was unoffended and found the encounter amusing.
Perhaps I was unoffended," Howard speculated of the romances, "because I was perfectly aware that they were taking place, not in our own South, but in the British West Indies where the population is 97 per cent negro or mixed blood, and such things are not unheard of.
However, neither of us has the right to go through life unoffended.
Quite what Voison thought of the name Citrohan is anyone's guess, but the car maker was clearly unoffended as he lent Le Corbusier cars in succeeding years.
One could be unoffended by the phenomenon of ressentiment in general and of the injured gay identity in particular.
Though unoffended by this, an Athenian judge in 1998 ordered that the dictionary be withdrawn until its second definition of Bulgarian as 'pejorative and insulting--applied to a sports fan or player from Thessaloniki' was expunged.