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Tupman had saved the lives of innumerable unoffending birds by receiving a portion of the charge in his left arm.
Kind David in a fevered dream spoke to the Lord and said but he was a sweet and unoffending youth, O Lord--"I warn thee" came the voice, "You wrestle now not like Jacob with an angel, but with the Lord himself.
Adam Carse wrote of Bruch's music that it "typifies the sound, unoffending, conventional Teutonic orchestration of the period; orchestration which took no risks, which is not quite so heavy and unbending as that of Brahms, yet which lacks enterprise, lightness and vigor" (Carse, The History of Orchestration [London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner; New York: E.
as a way "to lessen exposure proportionate to the problem and the patient, preserve unoffending anatomy, and utilize fundamental principles adapted to new technologies which are safe, easy to adopt, reproducible and lessen blood loss, surgical time, and exposure to radiation with the aim to achieve maximal effectiveness for a rapid and less painful outpatient recovery.
Rather than simply blaming the French, as so many English writers were inclined to do in the eighteenth century, Buchan concedes that "there is no modern nation which has taken any active part in such pursuits, that can claim an exemption from a long catalogue of imputed wrongs, or that has not been the author of many calamities to unoffending millions" (p.
98) Specifically, the United States voiced the same concerns as it did during the original 1856 negotiations, (99) that "the inviolability of unoffending private property belonging to the enemy on the high seas be guaranteed.
help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief.
A TRIBUTE TO OUR QUEEN Elizabeth, Queen and mother Of a family and a nation God's gift of one unique and rare In creation A guiding light, by day and night In sorrow and in joy A strength of love to share with each In every way Her love of life and life of love Shining through her eyes Like tinted gold reflecting feeling In a world of enterprise Unpretentious, unoffending She has had her share of wrath Like the master, never ending Our ambassador of love Like a star forever shining In the sky, her brightness glows Elizabeth: our Queen forever Our English rose.
They became temperate, moral, religious, setting an example of innocent, unoffending lives to the world around them, which was seen and admired by all.
As I was with the distance, at which in the quickest firing, I could have lodged a half dozen balls in or about him before he was out of my reach, I had only to determine, but it was not pleasant to fire at the back of an unoffending individual who was acquitting himself coolly of his duty, and so I let him alone.
I am of your opinion; (said my Father) it certainly does appear to proceed from some uncommon violence exerted against our unoffending Door.
wage war against Her Majesty, or remain in arms, threatening the lives of her peaceable subjects must take the consequences of their acts, and they must understand that they will forfeit the right to the possession of their lands guaranteed to them by the Treaty of Waitangi, which lands will be occupied by a population capable of protecting for the future the quiet and unoffending from the violence with which they are now so constantly threatened.