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At first I tried to deprecate their wrath, but my letters were sent back to me unopened.
To natural means alone we are confined; let us try therefore what, by these means, may be done for poor Jones; though to confess the truth, something whispers me in the ear that he doth not yet know the worst of his fortune; and that a more shocking piece of news than any he hath yet heard remains for him in the unopened leaves of fate.
Bowls; his servants could not get a lodgment in the house at Park Lane; his letters were sent back unopened.
My aunt's correspondence of the morning--including the six awakening letters which I had posted overnight--was lying unopened on the library table.
On the outside I wrote this direction: "Keep the enclosure unopened until nine o'clock to-morrow morning.
Unopened letters and unsorted papers lay strewn about the desk.
At last they got to the theatre, which was Astley's: and in some two minutes after they had reached the yet unopened door, little Jacob was squeezed flat, and the baby had received divers concussions, and Barbara's mother's umbrella had been carried several yards off and passed back to her over the shoulders of the people, and Kit had hit a man on the head with the handkerchief of apples for 'scrowdging' his parent with unnecessary violence, and there was a great uproar.
She comes in, curtseys, you can fancy, still in a short frock--an unopened bud
We're assured the can of Foster's was unopened but, knowing Chappers, it was the last one left from a six pack.
It turned up three days later in a lay-by 70 miles away in Reigate, Surrey - unopened.
The product is shelf-stable, which means the packages do not need to be refrigerated if unopened.
On top, sat an unopened bottle of drinking water and a paper name plate reading ``Arnold Schwarzenegger.