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from contrary dispositions' such as ignorance and knowledge, but a preservative and unordinary alteration when it is described as proceeding from termini that are not opposed, i.
Much of the narrative borders on matters of the occult, or at least the unordinary.
Clever Men and Clever Women are unordinary and distinguished because they are specially called.
The main topic of discussion is their very unordinary father.
Le Pnuematique, "Michelin MXT/C3M - the 7 Innovations of an Unordinary Tyre," No.
These ordinary men and women have brought out some old dreams and nightmares which many of us can match with small packets of faded letters precious in their very unordinary stories.
I was looking for a design that wouldn't merely capture the imagination, but would also transform a rather unordinary landscape into a modern citadel more comparable to a coastal resort community than a residential complex in the Midwest,' says Mark Dixon, staff architect and project manager for the Atkins Group.
This was due to an unordinary gain on sale of the unguaranteed portion of the SBA loans that was booked during the first quarter.
Changes In Mood: unordinary, yet ongoing change in disposition including irregular irritability, anger and depression, with a lack of interest in important relationships.
Dimova says that the incidents, such as the one with Gjorcev, are unordinary for this Government and that Milososki wanted to send a letter asking for help from Brussels a long time ago.
But we will always have Chinghiz Aitmatov's works saturated with unordinary human wisdom, ever-lasting behests to love and nurture motherland, take care of the people, and remember our history," Akaev went on.
But it has its own building, its own staff and its own, decidedly unordinary, student body.