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Smart cards will be provided to over 40 crore unorganised workers (across the country).
In the last quarter of a marvellous spectacle, it was undiluted, unorganised, unashamed, park football.
The Unorganised Sector: Work Security and Social Protection, Coedited with R.
6) It is composed of two distinct sectors--an organised sector and an unorganised sector.
Thursday Lorraine's Last Minute Christmas (BBC Two, 8pm) Ms Pascale returns for this special festive episode which, for many of us unorganised souls, may save Christmas.
Patrick Grady, the company chief executive officer, said, 'Anyone booking travel online knows the hassles of triple-checking multiple websites for the best itinerary and spending time sorting through thousands of unorganised search results.
To describe how unorganised it all is the scheme was set to begin at the end of June.
Tunisia considers the Libyan proposal as a serious one that requires a thorough study to reach a consensual and efficient framework to address this phenomenon in order to safeguard the interests of different sides and strengthen our countries' capacities to identify appropriate solutions to combat illegal and unorganised emigration.
It is a scalable model and the company will be able to bring in standardised treatment protocol in a highly unorganised sector, he said.
SFA director of football development Jim Fleeting said: "We want to encourage more kids to play unorganised football with their pals.
This step of the FBR would help bring in the tax net manufacturers operating in the unorganised sector of the country and this step would help reduce the size of unorganised sector, which is estimated at equivalent to the organised sector of the country.
Royals started strongly and Ian Maull crossed for an early try before Doz Ward and Gaz Renowden added scores as Royals built up a lead with the Bears unorganised in defence.