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For all its predictability and unoriginality, I found myself completely engaged by this book, and couldn't put it down.
Szymborska's technique, replicated here with apologies for unoriginality, was to riff on the subject, finally mentioning the work itself in passing conclusion.
No-one can deny the influence of his Chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp although Judi Loach argued convincingly that it was very much the product of its time in her paper 'The unoriginality of Le Corbusier's Catholic spaces'.
67), lack of creativity, unoriginality, emphasis on surface effects, etc.
We are trained to be frightened of unreadability, inertness, unoriginality and difficulty of poetic form, and hate "copying," "simulations," "reproduction," and "recycling" in poetry.
ANoTHER tedious result of the imagination-free reality TV industry's obsession with Newcastle, Geordie Finishing School For Girls broke new ground in unoriginality.
But this unoriginality may have been a conscious way of offering to its readers the familiar and the reassuring, inserting a sense of the local into the general poetic discourses of sensibility.
From such psychic fantasies he wrung the curiously authentic unoriginality of his styles from the mid-1920s onwards.
Rather than being any straightforward allegation of unoriginality, these attacks seems rather to be tied up with a charge of inauthenticity, and there seems to be a fine line, in the Turkish context, between airing "needling questions" about a writers' authenticity and voicing loud suspicions about their national loyalty.
Naipaul repeatedly stresses the unoriginality of Third World radicalism.
It not only challenges the feasibility of indifference to slava, but also signifies an insincerity and unoriginality in the idea.
The Bay of Islands - the seascape we saw from the skidoo - was discovered by Captain Cook, who went on to discover and name, with spectacular unoriginality, Bay of Islands in New Zealand.