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From the ``Honeymooners'' to ``Bewitched'' to ``War of the Worlds,'' the deluge of unoriginality hasn't brought in the audiences, but it seems to be catching on in the world of politics.
The sheer numbers, and the sheer unoriginality, of these programmes, ensure that they fail on two counts.
Criticized by modern historians of science for his passivity and unoriginality as a scientist, Andalo di Negro was in fact primarily a translator and expositor, even if he was using texts already translated into Latin.
Slipknot are no revolutionaries and this latest release is testament to their unoriginality.
However, "studying the past," to borrow from John Lewis Gaddis, "has a way of introducing humility--a first stage toward gaining detachment--because it suggests the continuity of the problems we confront, and the unoriginality of most of our solutions for them.
Well from my seat in front of a highly efficient TV set, we saw woolly and remote pictures of camera-work of such crass unoriginality that they might have been from the age of hand-cranking - and even then would have caused one of Santa Anita's founders, the legendary and famously charitable
Jet seem to have been labelled `the new Stones' only for people to mock their over-confidence and unoriginality.
I will begin, with conspicuous unoriginality, with this volume's foreword, a display of tart intellectual temper and an angry, witty, powerful willingness to bite people.
The weakness of the book, however, lies in the unoriginality of its reportage and the received character of its analyses.
A TOO many teachers reward unoriginality and obedience - and punish original and creative thinking.
The premise and the plot of the film are screaming out with unoriginality, making the whole 90 minutes somewhat bland and irritating.
Ironically, that unoriginality is what makes the novel sadly fascinating: The New City embodies the home truths that circulate in the world as portrayed by National Public Radio (Amidon has worked as a commentator on American issues for the BBC), and Amidon probably reflects the beliefs of many thoughtful people today.