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Aghaie, somewhat unoriginally (and at times repeatedly) shows how the royal patronage of the ceremonies served as means for the Shi'i ruling elites to legitimize their authority in the Qajar society.
Over one long, occasionally hot summer, allegiances and passions switch until happy endings begin to fall, unoriginally, into place.
His enjoyably, if unoriginally conniving lawyer Maitre Foix (Richard Berry) notices some other guy in the incriminating picture and hatches a plan to pass the chump off as Elena's real boyfriend.
I replied unoriginally, 'No' to which the Governor remarked that 'He knew better'.
He was one of the stars of ITV's big opening night in 1955 as he and Joan appeared together in Britain's first ever TV situation comedy, called, very unoriginally, Leslie And Joan.
Subscribing unoriginally to the proposition of the Old versus the New world, Hawthorne looks to the very soil for the essence of this difference.
Unoriginally,but much more of a popular vote-winner,he also confesses his dislike for traffic wardens.
Although it seems a strange redeeming act for Alfonso, the reader learns that all along his search was the reason to write his first novel, unoriginally titled "Prensa amarilla," which, ironically, the reader is holding in his hands.