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8]; megaspores [+ or -]shiny, unornamented or obscurely wrinkled; [2X: Piedmont; GA] Isoetes tegetiformans
Stone (1998) set up four different experiments where bivalve prey were offered to the predators in a choice between unornamented individuals and individuals with varying degrees of shell ornamentation.
30) Vernet's ideal was an unornamented and simple service that centered on the few ceremonies, for example baptism, communion, found in early Christianity.
His work became strongly associated with the International Style, which broke from tradition to design simple, unornamented buildings - and Eero began to build a reputation for himself as an architect who refused to be restricted by pre-conceived ideas.
A skilled carpenter like William Turner of Oxford could fashion simple square columns, top them with an unornamented pediment, and repeat the pattern with little of no alterations all over the county.
23) In accordance with President Roosevelt's wishes, a plain three- by six-foot block of unornamented marble sits in that location, ignored and virtually unnoticed, (24) while the $48,000,000 memorial he did not want receives millions of tourists annually.
Both the labial and lingual faces are unornamented and convex, with the lingual face being more convex.
Eroticism as depicted in Eros and Wonder is raw, plain and unornamented.
By contrast, the styli used in the Mingzheng Tang tend to be shorter, thinner, lighter, unornamented, and thus better suited for rapid manipulation by a single person.
In that theologically polemical work the narrator allegorizes Christ's bequest of the New Testament to the brothers Peter, Martin, and Jack as the gift of a coat, one that is expected to remain intact and unornamented.
beccarii (Linne' 1758); (2) An unornamented morphotype with an umbilical plug that lacks the above beading/fluting/furrowing along sutures (Figures 2f, g).