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Think 'Saul Bellow' and a story line very much centered around the protagonist's self-inspection and slow evolution, and think 'old memories, old habits, and new beginnings' as you follow The Unorthodox Ox's saga of a fumbling man's interactions with a woman who is difficult and bitter in her own way.
While unorthodox monetary policies have led to a dramatic expansion of all four major central banks' balance sheets, these central banks have implemented their monetary policies in markedly different manners (see figure 1).
Deception and unorthodox approaches afford ways for the inferior to defeat the superior force.
In his reluctance to hear unorthodox views on birth control, women in the clergy, or any issue that didn't reflect his own myopic views?
I think homophobia is a very scary thing because it views a minority as unorthodox or abnormal," said Kelvin Lau, a 26-year-old teacher wearing a mask made of multicolored feathers.
From his use of traditional materials such as paint and bronze, to his use of new technologies and unorthodox materials including vacuum-formed plastics, McGowin creates inspired works of art with a distinctive narrative style.
A religious group with highly unorthodox beliefs, whose leader claims to be the messiah, is getting tax aid--and Robertson can't say a thing about it.
The donatist heresy claimed that sacraments were impaired if the person performing them was heretical or unorthodox.
Similarly, it is very difficult to fight southpaw boxers because they are so few in number, and right-handed fighters have had little experience dealing with moves that seem unique and unorthodox to them.
MARTELL Grand National preparations have become unorthodox, with recent winners warming up over hurdles, but Royal Atalza takes it to new levels with a return to the Flat today, writes Bruce Jackson.
Shrew employed deceptively classical trappings, yet Mills infused the dancing with contemporary sensibilities through dense, interwoven moves, unconventional pas de deux, and unorthodox touches: Petruchio bicycled to his wedding; the dream sequence duet morphed into a pas de trois with an oversized red ball; and in one hilarious scene, the dancers even spoke.