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That's not to say The Unorthodox Ox is spiritual per say; just that the kinds of life-changing revelations the protagonist evolves to understand are those that ultimately involve us all in choices surrounding rebirth, change and death.
Drawing on the classic works of Chinese military thought, Sawyer demonstrates that deceptive practices and unorthodox approaches are the norm rather than the exception.
Argentina also employed unorthodox tax policies (exports and financial transactions.
One of his most unorthodox campaigns was in 2004 when he used his own builder's van to block the entrance to a recreation ground to back residents opposing the redevelopment of the site as a multi-use games area.
Perhaps it is time, like Evans, to make unorthodox choices based on a moral philosophy, one that cares about our fellow women and men at home and around the world.
Priestley's unorthodox political and religious views landed him in exile in America, and Lavoisier's secretiveness contributed to his eventual execution on the guillotine.
We're orthodox in belief but unorthodox in practice.
In his reluctance to hear unorthodox views on birth control, women in the clergy, or any issue that didn't reflect his own myopic views?
I think homophobia is a very scary thing because it views a minority as unorthodox or abnormal," said Kelvin Lau, a 26-year-old teacher wearing a mask made of multicolored feathers.
From his use of traditional materials such as paint and bronze, to his use of new technologies and unorthodox materials including vacuum-formed plastics, McGowin creates inspired works of art with a distinctive narrative style.
A religious group with highly unorthodox beliefs, whose leader claims to be the messiah, is getting tax aid--and Robertson can't say a thing about it.
The donatist heresy claimed that sacraments were impaired if the person performing them was heretical or unorthodox.