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The film addresses issues such as class differences and women's empowerment but in a light, unostentatious way.
The way the name of the author is presented is chromatically unostentatious, if compared to the book title.
Beinecke MS 408, as the Voynich Manuscript is officially known, bound in unostentatious grey vellum, is the outwardly unassuming object of shelves' worth of speculation, conspiracy theory, and interpretative ingenuity.
From that first principle flows the idea that with the loss of concern for what is mine and what is yours will derive a sense that my own good will always correspond with the good of others in the community, provided that those others are treated more or less identically and live more or less identical lives in more or less identical cities, (20) even down to the wearing of unostentatious and more or less identical clothing, this being an apparently exaggerated version of More's own preferences.
Elaborate, without being ornate, and exuding an atmosphere of quiet refinement and unostentatious grandeur, the work of Tibbie & Sielaff has elicited the unbounded admiration of the favored few who thus far have been privileged to view the artistic appointments of the new Queen of the Lakes.
Today, the brand represents unostentatious glamour, marked by the refinement, sophistication and simplicity present within the texture and substance of its products.
Eat quirky: A Gurgaon brand, Double Roti (Cenotaph Road, 9811337803), makes its debut in Chennai with unostentatious interiors and almost industrial decor with exposed pipes and tubes.
In The Gospel of Wealth (1889) Carnegie says, "This, then is held to be the duty of the man of Wealth: First, to set an example of modest, unostentatious living, shunning display or extravagance.
Her unostentatious approach, characterised by a natural, authentic shooting style and a narrative structure that has more in common with a Romantic ballad than a conventional cinematic drama, demands that we enter a world in which mystery, emotion and sensory response are paramount: the world as experienced by two young, intense individuals discovering love for the first time.
for, unostentatious as true virtuosity can make it, its
These are very comfortable, unostentatious waterfront homes.
Two other noteworthy features of the essays in this second grouping is the unostentatious erudition evident in essays such as Anne Markey's, on the similarities between Irish and European folktales and Oscar Wilde's stories for children, and the energizing originality characterized by Valerie Coghlan's study of three illustrated versions of the European folktale retold by James Joyce in a letter to his grandson.