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The photographs of their Majesties the King and Queen should be carried unostentatiously to a remote place where the frame and glasses should be removed," reads the Government Resolution (GR) issued by the Political and Services Department of Bombay dated June 2, 1949.
As Grice explains, the violation of a maxim is marked by being done "quietly and unostentatiously," while to "flout" a maxim is to "blatantly fail to fulfill it," thereby giving rise to a conversational implicature.
Marvelously, the music of Corrie's poem invites the reader, unostentatiously but irresistibly, into the resonating space it builds in time.
It was all done so unostentatiously and delicately that I was greatly affected.
Quietly and unostentatiously squads of guards slipped from the street cars and formed up in front of the different hotels.
Gotham locations are evocatively but unostentatiously used, Marcelo Zarvos' fine score stirs added emotional turbulence, and tech contributions are more than solid.
In an architecturally ingenious sleight-of-hand, the old contortedly cramped but sentimentally beloved Theatre Royal, its site expanded by the purchase of several adjacent properties, has made a swanlike interior metamorphosis into the larger (780 seats in the main auditorium), unostentatiously plush, technically state-of-the-art Wexford Opera House.
If he gives an account of his modes of proceeding, and of the views under which they first occurred to his mind, how unostentatiously and in transitu, as it were, does he introduce himself to our notice: and yet never fails to present the living germ out of which the genuine method, as the inner form of the tree of science, springs up
There is a deeply embedded culture of shared, minutely-gauged discomfort, proudly but unostentatiously borne: and hence the conversations which I so frequently overhear, which may well include "Do you think the Hermia tonight is as bad as the one we saw in 19737," or "Yes, the Horatio is terrific, but would anyone else from this show really be in your all-time best possible cast for Hamlet?