unpaid debt

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One central bank provision, strategic debt restructuring (SDR), is intended to help banks swap unpaid debt for majority control in troubled companies.
SOLIHULL Council referred more than 5,000 cases of unpaid debt to bailiffs last year, latest figures have revealed.
45 billion from Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz in repayment for unpaid debt, the first step towards Russia resuming gas supplies to Ukraine.
This includes an unpaid debt of PS3,806 owed by Allfloors.
Latin American country cannot tap global markets because of disputes over unpaid debt
A BITTER feud over an unpaid debt ended with a former pal of footie ace Colin Hendry punching him repeatedly in a restaurant.
Melbourne, Feb 24 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that a quarter of us have ended a relationship with someone over unpaid debt but the majority of people also feel super awkward asking friends to pay them back, especially when it's a small amount.
In relation to the submitted email evidence, Deutsche Bank added that "the communications cited by the defendant have been taken out of context, are irrelevant to the specific appeals court hearing, and are another attempt to divert attention from its unpaid debt and the recent high court ruling that we, along with the other lenders, are entitled to have an outstanding loan repaid.
Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow has announced that the country has reached an agreement in principle with creditors to restructure about half of its unpaid debt after "long and arduous" talks.
Iran has forgiven Nicaragua's unpaid debt from the 1980s--but has now made a new and larger loan putting Nicaragua even deeper in debt.
Law firm in Gers debt court bid A LAW firm have become the latest company to take Rangers to court over an alleged unpaid debt.
Aberdeenshire Council last night confirmed they had started action against the firm over pounds 40,000 of unpaid debt.