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By yesterday afternoon, the Lefkara-Vavatsinia road was blanketed in heavy fog and visibility was limited, while the Asomatos-Fasouri road was flooded and deemed unpassable.
The different places of the painters in relation to their worlds is also evident: in the one the painter is outside what he paints (which, barricaded off by its painted balcony railing, was shown in the crowded, alienating market hall of the Salon), in the other he is inside (the studio that he paints, which in turn was inside the palace, and which continues to present itself as a threshold rather than an unpassable barrier).
Ussher Point is located in the distant but accessible north east of Cape York Peninsula, however, a week before our journey, a fire, followed by a windstorm had made the track almost unpassable.
One bus got stranded in Bishops Tachbrook yesterday morning as the road became unpassable.
Several roads in the Strathclyde and Dumfries and Galloway areas were closed and others remained virtually unpassable as flooding followed an overnight downpour.
Rivers, Woods We know our strength only by Unpassable, that lie being tried.
Sip has come "Across the Gulf" between rich and poor that is unpassable to any but death--according to the MBSL reporter-and she smells bad enough that Perley "sickens," These are not coincidental choices on the part of the narrator.
The long winding road up through the mountains to Gaggio Montano, the small mountain town where SAECO is headquartered never ceases to be both beautiful and irritating: beautiful for its scenery; irritating because although it is said to be 'near' Bologna that does not seem the case as one labors along for what seems an eternity behind unpassable trucks.
Resolved to go to Stockton & purchase my winter's Stock of Provisions, but heavy & unexpected rains came on making the roads unpassable for Teams, & flour which had been selling in the mines for 25 Cts per pound suddenly went up to 75 Cts.
By the numbers: The road to the Super Bowl is almost unpassable without a first-round bye.
It is probably best communicated after the balloonist has come down: he or she can tell the earthbound much about the general topography, informing the bicyclist to look for certain landmarks in the earthly bike trip, warning that over the next hill is an unpassable river, indicating that the bike is moving in a circle and going nowhere.
leading to falling trees blocking routes, unpassable roads and particular problems in rural areas.