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By using divisive language that stigmatizes nonbelievers, Massachusetts is denying atheists this opportunity and is perpetuating the stereotype that atheists are unpatriotic.
Mr Nutt's suggestions "to get me to be British", such as changing the wording of "our" national anthem, to include our Welsh heritage, of which I am extremely proud, would be totally meaningless to me, considering our history, and would be totally unpatriotic.
Following talks by a number of opposition figures with Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov, Jamil said "we represent patriotic opposition inside, while there is an unpatriotic opposition in Istanbul that calls for and works towards western interference in Syria.
of Maine) describes how Protestant missionaries were regarded as unpatriotic because they used indigenous languages to teach and preach.
No, I'm not talking about former Georgia Democratic Senator Zell Miller who blasted Democratic nominee John Kerry as downright unpatriotic in the last presidential election.
I think it was deplorable for the right-wing media to call Natalie Maines unpatriotic.
It's patriotic to speak out -- not unpatriotic, as they would have you believe.
These days, however, corporate interests often dictate news coverage and journalists are cowed into spiking important stories, lest they be fired or branded as unpatriotic.
But the Times says the Republicans and the rightwing are using Feingold's effort to make Bush's critics appear unpatriotic and "to change the subject to fairy tales about Democratic leaders trying to impeach Mr.
Mashingaidze told the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation that youth training camps "will eradicate the dangerous, distractive, unproductive, unpatriotic and mercenary mentality currently being experienced in local teams".
An article in the Chronicle last Wednesday described the English as being rather unpatriotic.
Like many others I saw service in both theatres and I think it is an insult by a bunch of unpatriotic politicians to mark the end of the conflicts with one low-key affair on a day convenient to them so it doesn't interfere with their politicking and holidays.