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Abdul Karim Bangura, Unpeaceful Metaphors (Lincoln, NE: Writers Club Press, 2002), 61.
She recently contributed "rile Military" chapter to Unpeaceful Metaphors, edited by Abdul Karim Bangura.
The racism that infects Canada's law-enforcement agencies and a justice system, which the late Anishnabe Elder Art Solomon once called the "just-us system," is a result of the decidedly unpeaceful and undemocratic foundations set in place in this country by the military and police forces that travelled west after the 1885 Indian resistence to introduce their own special version of law and order.
However, the positive side of this international cooperation is tainted by significant unpeaceful activities: civil wars between states and their indigenous peoples over land and resources, and the environmental destruction committed in the name of high growth rates.
In a series of articles written around 1770, the Rio journalist Manoel de Macedo detailed the unpeaceful escapades of this scrapper, who apparently used capoeira, among other things, to protect his charge during the viceroy's infamous, all-might dalliances.
Former premier Wen Jiabao expressed hope for improvement in Chinese-US relations: "We also don't hope for this year to become an unpeaceful year in the China-US economic and trade relationship.
Phrase Clue: A very unpeaceful attempt; Main Word (6 letters): A songwriter's kind of weather; Leapfrog (3 letters): What a Cockney might carry drinks on
Robin became a Labour MP because he believed our country and the rest of the world is too unfair, unequal and unpeaceful.