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After the data analysis, it was possible to see by means of acoustic and statistical analysis that several substitutions identified as homophones, by the evaluators, revealed subtle and unperceivable differences in hearing: the so-called covert contrasts.
com/2014/05/28/google-logos/) Mashable says Google updated its official logo with a nearly unperceivable change last weekend.
Inspired by Friedrich Kittler's media materialism and, amongst others, the work of Wolfgang Ernst on the new status of the archive in digital culture, Parikka insists that media archaeology 'goes under the hood' (p83) of hardware and software and approaches the media machine as archive, to unravel, for example, how digital and networked technologies find the unperceivable ground for their existence in modern science.
Because the object of ones suffering is unperceivable with melancholy, the ego has no choice but to feel depleted.
Actually, those responsible for steering the governance arrangement and managing public organizations might be unperceivable for citizens, raising the second problem: proximity.
Studies investigating case reports of the effect of events conventionally considered as unperceivable on cognition, affect, and behavior of people emphasized the importance of emotional arousal in the occurrence of anomalous experiences (e.
In many occasions, this is not the case, because the medical images are blurred and the intensity difference between two kinds of tissue (bone or muscular tissue for example) is almost unperceivable.
6) While the parallel does indeed offer an explanation for Seymour's choice of marrying Muriel--a choice which is unperceivable for others, including Buddy himself--the circumstances in which the tale is used and re-used are also of great importance.
In Cook's opinion, the line between something ethical and something illegal is "so fine as to be unperceivable.
They began to amble away, falling into a nearly unperceivable declivity.
absolutely mind-independent, unperceivable objects constituted by intrinsic non-relational properties) are both humanly uncognizable and humanly unknowable, because they cannot be directly perceived through the human senses.
We name the reduction of lived distance and its effects in obsessions 'the microscopic approach' because it reveals to the gaze of the person with contamination obsessions the microscopic life, which is unperceivable from a distance.