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1% of cases of unperforated appendicitis, rises precipitously to 4% with perforation.
The confirmed Preseli dolerite artefacts include battle-axes and a mace, and several unperforated axes (cf.
50; 1968, 38], unperforated toilet paper presumably being more prized by
The unperforated core containing intact soil was immediately removed, sealed in a plastic bag, placed in a styrofoam box containing ice bricks, and transported to the laboratory for initial or `zero time' measurements of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The orchestra pit rail has been made semi-perforate with a slatted treatment, with extra material provided if an unperforated pit rail is subsequently felt necessary.
The gloves were sorted according to sterility and as to whether there was a known perforation or whether the team member believed the gloves were unperforated (intact).
In Mexican fossil beds, McMenamin has found that predators riddled the unperforated shells of other animals but left Mickwitzia alone.
The operator (Warburg Resources) believes that there may be unperforated bypassed oil pay in the well.
logged a total of 28 feet of virgin unperforated Greater Oolite
Until our discovery only one unperforated specimen of Glycymeris bimaculata Poli had been documented in Level 8 of the cave of El Castillo, as well as one perforated specimen of Sphaeronassa mutabilis L.
Unperforated vapor barrier liners are also used to reduce heat loss through evaporation.
Approximately 40 feet of pay remains unperforated for production at a later date.