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On the contrary, he aims to give birth to il teatro dell'irrappresentabile ("the unperformable theater"), where unpredictable and ineffable theatrical acts take place by systematically violating the integrity of scenic illusion.
Noting that Trojan Women was popular in antiwar circles, he argued that the play was unperformable in the modern theater.
The collaboration between Craig-McFeely and Bent reaches its apex in the digital editions they prepare of previously unperformable works.
His Classical Symphony is in almost every orchestra's repertoire; in Alexander Nevsky he produced one of the most widely revered movie scores ever written; his most ambitious operas, The Fiery Angel and War and Peace, once dismissed as unperformable, have been often revived of late; his Romeo and Juliet is a staple of any ballet company with the slightest claims to excellence; while there can be few record-collectors indeed whose childhood musical experiences did not include Peter and the Wolf.
His most ambitious operas, "The Fiery Angel" and "War and Peace," once dismissed as unperformable, have often been revived of late.
Public outrage caused by its reappearance threatened to make his music unperformable.
One might even call it sentimental, the ultimate and unperformable sin for highbrow readers of literature.
In the last scene of Faust, the unspeakable and the unperformable pass sublimely beyond reason.
Carsen's vision, his clarity, lucidity and understanding of the genre's nature and impact, are representative of the new approach, one that has permitted an operatic genre, thought to be unperformable a generation ago, to be grandly appreciated today.
The tableau, complete with footnotes, is also reminiscent of Coover's unperformable play, "A Theological Position," in which sexual organs function as characters, discoursing on all manner of sexual and theological issues.
Once regarded as ludicrously self-indulgent and virtually unperformable, Mahler's 8 these days is in danger of seeming a repertoire piece.
The "citational legacy" performativity is invested with precedes, constrains and exceeds the performer, disallowing for the moment of choice: "what is performed works to conceal, if not to disavow, what remains opaque, unconscious, unperformable.