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Because inclusivisms inevitably fail in their attempts to persuade the unpersuaded, they can serve only as apologetic devices for the already convinced.
Zinn's "experience during World War II left him unpersuaded by the arguments of military necessity and the appeals to nationalism," writes FPIF contributor and IPS co-founder Marcus Raskin in his review.
But one of the things I say when I'm in a place where people don't believe it or they feel unpersuaded by it, I say, look, you don't need to believe what I believe to believe this country needs an energy policy, and to believe it would be a really good idea to diminish and ultimately end our reliance on foreign oil.
Moreover, I was unpersuaded by his claim that 'Warhol ended the history of art as art had been understood before' (66).
I remain unpersuaded, but it's an intriguing idea, and I'm curious to see if others will take up this proposed barrier between Tolkien's real beliefs and the beliefs upon which he based his life's work.
I am not prepared to allow the Trust any further time to satisfy the 'likelihood' test in respect of R and, in addition, while I consider that C might well be placed alone for adoption within a reasonable period, I remain unpersuaded that LS is unreasonably withholding her consent as there seems now, as a result principally of the PAMS assessment, to be a very real possibility that adequate parenting, certainly of C and perhaps also of R, can be achieved within a reasonable period by LS and KC working together.
Senate GOP leader Mitch MeConnell of Kentucky is unpersuaded that speedily passing a takeover of healthcare--or passing it at all--is wise.
Yet many of America's top trainers, including those already boasting international success, remain unpersuaded of the merits of crossing the Atlantic with young horses.
This paper posits that Cook is right about this, even though it remains unpersuaded by him that Wittgenstein goes wrong because he was committed to Neutral Monism.
The pro-life side remains stubbornly unpersuaded, asking defiantly: "If it is really nothing more than an issue of liberty and freedom for women, why do we have to make liberty and freedom rare for women?
We're unpersuaded there are any arguments for reducing the sentence," he concluded.
But given that you intended to come here and work illegally, I am wholly unpersuaded there is any mitigation apart from your guilty plea," he said.