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The credible counterargument is that skeptics about bin Laden's death -- not all of them, but a significant majority -- will be unpersuaded by release of the photos and will claim that they were doctored.
But we remain unpersuaded, and increasingly concerned, about the seriousness of his resolve to do something about it.
Because inclusivisms inevitably fail in their attempts to persuade the unpersuaded, they can serve only as apologetic devices for the already convinced.
of choir leader Ida Mae Sturdevant (Kecia Lewis-Evans) sows discontent backstage, unpersuaded by her defense that "we all come to God in different ways.
Senate GOP leader Mitch MeConnell of Kentucky is unpersuaded that speedily passing a takeover of healthcare--or passing it at all--is wise.
This paper posits that Cook is right about this, even though it remains unpersuaded by him that Wittgenstein goes wrong because he was committed to Neutral Monism.
Aa Israeli officials too are unpersuaded by the Pope's claim that he can avoid being dragged into local politics.
Circuit Court of Appeals was unpersuaded by her complaint.
Even if unpersuaded by Berman's wide-ranging definitions bolstered by scanty allusions, many readers should find unproblematic his conclusion that literature "amplifies our imaginative capacity and, hence, our abilities to make choices, envision innovation, and weigh options" (206).
However, the Tax Court was unpersuaded by these arguments and spent 2007 routinely ruling against the taxpayers in these cases.
Moreover, while I share Syson's view that the Griselda Master did not train with Luca Signorelli (and I remain unpersuaded by the attempts to link him to Perugia and Perugino, preferring a wholly Sienese training for his quintessentially Sienese style), the Virtuous Men and Women suggest very close examination, or perhaps experience, of how Signorelli painted in oil.
Similarly, I'm unpersuaded that the Catholic Church's stance on birth control has been a major factor in the spread of AIDS around the world, though again I'm merely relying on statistics--African infection rates, for instance, are highest in heavily Protestant countries; most studies suggest that serious religious practice correlates with lower rates of risky sexual behavior, even among people already infected with HIV--while Hitchens has the irrefutable power of anecdote on his side, specifically a few dumb statements about condoms from Third World churchmen.