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Based on the concept of truth, Loehe orders churches in concentric circles in which the Lutheran church takes central place: "If the Lutheran Church has the pure Word and sacraments in a pure confession, it obviously has the highest treasures of the church unperverted.
It is not clear that unperverted sex is necessarily preferable to the perversions.
Whitman called for "a new departure" that viewed "the sexual passion in itself, while normal and unperverted," as "inherently legitimate, creditable, not necessarily an improper theme for a poet.
RESOLVED, That we demand a free ballot and a fair count in all elections and pledge ourselves to secure it to every legal voter without federal intervention, through the adoption by the states of the unperverted Australian or secret ballot system.
Undefiled bliss dawned in his body, and unperverted realization dawned in his mind, so that Marpa's dream was filled with immeasurable delight.
Jefferson said "Our people in a body are wise, because they are under the unrestrained and unperverted operation of their own understandings.
Fuchs also returns to the topic of sodomy, suggesting that Cornelio functions as a homeland-bound, emasculated male, unperverted by foreign experience or desire, thus, indicating, by analogy, that sodomy can be found home-grown in an ever-more-effeminate Spain.
Writing in his journal at the age of 19, attempting to argue the case in favor of slavery as a kind of thought-experiment (only months before, he had proclaimed in the same journal that "no ingenious sophistry can ever yet reconcile the unperverted mind to slavery"), he slipped into the required perspective rather too easily, relating that "I saw ten, twenty, a hundred large-lipped, lowbrowed black men in the streets who, except in the mere matter of language, did not exceed the sagacity of an elephant" (1960-82, 2.
Ultimately, the defense becomes an obstacle to access to the original unperverted resource, and therefore an obstacle to further growth.
In these passages, the benign liquids seem to carry not deadly venom but rather the unperverted truth of the person or object (the father-in-law or the literary text) from which they flow.
Unperverted by the values of capitalism, marriage can assume its natural form in utopia.
unperverted exercises of the understanding, and make up for the