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The SU technique is introduced to ensure stability and avoid unphysical upstream propagation of disturbances.
This avoids the well-known weakness of the standard shell correction method, namely, the dependence on two unphysical parameters which are the "smoothing" parameter and the order of the curvature correction.
If DE is a scalar field, this method would place constraints or exclude whole classes of theories without involving potentially unphysical parameterisations.
Note that for practical applications, the use of the Crank-Nicolson scheme in time is avoided because this leads to unphysical behavior.
At the exit face of the second prism we have more unphysical refraction, with the red and blue rays bending in opposite directions and the green once again passing through the surface as if it were not there.
However, the company is enjoying a windfall from HP's intention to sell or split off its PC manufacturing division and focus more on unphysical IT services.
What is Jewish in Mahler does not partake of what is popular but expresses itself beyond all that is communicated as something spiritual, unphysical but nevertheless perceivable in the totality of his work.
The relative humidity and surface temperatures were not used in the development of their regression equation because of the unphysical negative sign of the humidity coefficient.
Furthermore, the prescription of SOURCE5 that the cloud formed in a dike should not disperse or dilute at all until the pure vapour has accumulated in the dike to the level of top of the wan is unphysical and is likely to lead to very optimistic (non-conservative) hazard predictions.
5, where DM was able to produce a good it for an unphysical galaxy, whereas MOND could not.
This is not unphysical, as the data is typically taken over a finite period of time.