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Then the penguins open their beaks and begin to sing words in a new language, set to the landscape and territories of unpinned joy.
The two troubleshooters resumed their daily inspection on all four seats--with the PC still sitting in the unpinned seat.
Some of the dance references were oddly blunt, like Loie Fuller's extended flowing wings and Isadora Duncan's toga gown and unpinned hair.
The first subtle indication that the bridge may be functioning as something more than simply a generic artifact and prop appears toward the end of the next paragraph: "East and west and north and south the construction-trains rattled and shrieked up and down the embankments, the piled trucks of brown and white stone banging behind them till the side-boards were unpinned, and with a roar and a grumble a few thousand tons more material were flung out to hold the river in place" (6).
But in the meantime the brand name Owen Owen was carefully unpinned from the old store and appeared over the road on a building which still stands today on the corner of Trinity Street and the New Buildings alleyway.
Unpinned walls rely on the weight of the wall material, plus friction between the geogrid and the aggregate fill in the unit cores to hold the geogrid in place.
No, what we're talking about comes into a category that can loosely be described as 'suspense horror', that which has many or all of the above ingredients but is unpinned by the viewer's imagination filling the necessary gaps to complete the horror.
Ecoagriculture is unpinned by two central goals: to protect, enhance and restore wildlife habitat and to simultaneously improve local livelihoods.
1 and 2), which evolved directly on adjacent walls of the patron's Montparnasse apartment and were then unpinned to serve as the templates for stencils in an edition of vast screen-printed hangings.
Suddenly, the reasons for the ill fitting dress, the loose brassiere, and the wisps of unpinned hair all become achingly real.