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Foley (1997) finds other examples of White chauvinism in Invisible Man unplausible (p.
it was something unplausible like, y'know one of these shows, y'know, born in a cabbage patch, the stork bought him or something .
If these pulsations cannot be felt, it is equally unplausible that any message of the skin and muscle could be effectively transmitted through all the overlying tissue and bone and somehow realign this as-yet-unidentified motor unit.
The author airs three kinds of problem to which Sinnott-Armstrong's epistemological contrastivism seems to be exposed: (a) the theory gives an unplausible account of justification attributions; (b) the Pyrrhonism which results from its inability to identify relevant contrast classes bars us from epistemic responsibility; (c) contextualism does just as well as Pyrrhonism, despite Sinnott-Armstrong's arguments to the contrary.