unpleasant sound

See: noise
References in classic literature ?
On the 12th the gale was very heavy, and we did not know exactly where we were: it was a most unpleasant sound to hear constantly repeated, "keep a good look-out to leeward.
There is a tendency for the torque to fall away as it moves into the higher rev range and the engine note markedly increases, but it is not an unpleasant sound, just a busy one.
The emotional part of the brain, the amygdala, in effect takes charge and modulates the activity of the auditory part of the brain so that our perception of a highly unpleasant sound, such as a knife on a bottle, is heightened as compared to a soothing sound, such as bubbling water.
We hated our footsteps when we walked on the dry leaves, thus creating an unpleasant sound amid the endless chirping of birds, as the first rays of the Sun pierced the sky from behind the vast Kandalama Lake.
It can also be used to sterilise infection, trim gums, whiten teeth and cure tooth sensitivity - all without even touching your teeth or emitting any unpleasant sound.
The 120bhp version is as quiet as a petrol car, and although the 105bhp version is a little louder, it's not an unpleasant sound.
Jean-Marie Zeitouni led a small orchestra that followed his cues precisely but with a raspy, unpleasant sound.
But now the device douses the wheels of passing trains with water to lubricate them and eliminate the unpleasant sound.
Squeak" brings to mind the unpleasant sound of rusty hinges and the inarticulate noises made by a small, frightened animal.
A negative reinforcement is something the subject wants to avoid --a blow, a frown, an unpleasant sound.
Within a few hours, the finches learned to alter the pitch of that syllable to avoid hearing the unpleasant sound.
Director Lexi Alexander (Green Street) heightens every stomach-churning injury with spurts and spatter of blood and an array of unpleasant sound effects.