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CAUTION: Always unplug your electric range before working on it.
CAUTION: Unplug the oven before starting this repair.
The concept of Unplug is an unplugging from the negativity and walking into an event lineup of creators whose passions and ideas surface via multiple mediums (think multimedia art, experiential pop-up shops, delectable eats, and good beats) and whose work is guaranteed to stimulate all of your senses.
There was coverage, but it was best to unplug," Dave says.
Always shut off or unplug holiday decorations before leaving home or going to bed.
Once they unplug the U3 smart drive, they take their personal information with them and the host PC returns to normal.
The Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District is offering $100 rebates to residents who unplug their automatic water softener and have them removed from their homes.
This rebate is a strong incentive for residents to voluntarily unplug and expands on the ordinances the District has adopted and outreach we've conducted over the past three years to help protect the Santa Clara River.