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Abu Bakar Javed, project director of Alhamra Unplugged and who himself can play 30 musical instruments, thanked Mr Khan for his support for the project.
Another reason why networks don't want to be part of Unplugged is because they don't want their content to be bundled with internet-only videos which the networks see as lower value content.
Ouseburn Unplugged gets under way at Think Tank in Hoults Yard tomorrow from 7pm.
On June 13 there will be an unplugged reading at Rugby School's Lewis Art Gallery.
Industry Unplugged was held at the Laws rence Batley Theatre on Wednesday.
Delhi: An electrician accidentally unplugged the radar system at the Indian capital's airport, forcing air traffic controllers to manually guide in aircraft, media reports said on Saturday.
Grabar un Unplugged significa todo para mi, es volver al centro de todo, a lo basico, a la esencia y a la desnudez de mi musica", dijo Juanes.
Demonstrators have converged on the Tokyo offices of Unplugged five times to date, while protesting at the home of Unplugged prexy Takeshi Kato, most recently on April 27.
Singing Sensations Acapella Unplugged to perform at BurJuman American acapella group visits Dubai for the first time to celebrate Dubai Summer Surprises
She will perform on the main stage, beneath the spectacular backdrop of the Matterhorn, on the second day of the Zermatt Unplugged festival, which runs from April 9 to April 12.
MBW 2000 series micro cell and MBW 1000 series pico cell Wi-Fi base stations from GO Networks, a provider of outdoor Wi-Fi solutions and subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc (Nasdaq: WAVE), have been selected by Unplugged Cities, a full-service Internet technology provider, for deployment in Osseo, Minnesota, USA.
GUITAR legend Eric Clapton's unplugged cover version of his Derek and the Dominos hit Layla has been named as the worst pop remake.