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Plain and unpolished as it was, it had a something dignified and noble in it, which nothing but the soul of generous honour dwelling in the man could have imparted.
It is well," cried Edward, still speaking in French: for, though he could understand English, he had never learned to express himself in so barbarous and unpolished a tongue.
The verbal style of the ballads, like their spirit, is vigorous and simple, generally unpolished and sometimes rough, but often powerful with its terse dramatic suggestiveness.
Well, ma'am,' said her patron, 'perhaps some people may be pleased to say that they do like to hear, in his own unpolished way, what Josiah Bounderby, of Coketown, has gone through.
These two ignorant and unpolished people had guided themselves so far on in their journey of life, by a religious sense of duty and desire to do right.
Murray's unpolished manner did not make him a natural media performer, and I got the impression that he felt he had not had his due from the boxing press, unlike one or two others whose skill in front of the camera was often more impressive than their performances in the ring.
Tenders are invited for Supply and laying unpolished granite stone slab floor in old BDF room at Ambattur Dairy.
Backed by Promise of the Real, a California-based band led by Willie Nelson's son Lukas, Young wraps his anti-GMO sentiments in the same kind of winsomely unpolished rock music that dominated past efforts like Ragged Glory and Mirror Ball.
His wandering past may suggest an unpolished diamond - but King says the Rangers fans will be delighted with the rough gem they've signed.
Still an unpolished gem, but the midfielder is exciting to watch and always looks capable of making something exciting happen.
OCEAN evolved from Unpolished, a grassroots initiative in Cincinnati where entrepreneurs explore all aspects of building a business--including faith, family and community.
Normally a strong wordsmith, Smith's script feels flat and unpolished, especially during the film's first half.