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He was glad to find himself outside that drawing-room, breathing raw fog, and in contact with unpolished people who only wanted their share of the pavement allowed them.
These two ignorant and unpolished people had guided themselves so far on in their journey of life, by a religious sense of duty and desire to do right.
It is well," cried Edward, still speaking in French: for, though he could understand English, he had never learned to express himself in so barbarous and unpolished a tongue.
The flooring, of diagonally set narrow boards, was uncarpeted and unpolished.
Plain and unpolished as it was, it had a something dignified and noble in it, which nothing but the soul of generous honour dwelling in the man could have imparted.
The chunky concrete base comes in a light grey colour and is kept unpolished to ensure the natural flecks and markings are shown throughout.
She meets Neely, an unpolished teenager with a big voice, and Jennifer North, an actress running from a plebeian past who is forever unable to escape a middling career and celebrity status.
The characteristics of long grain, short grain, laon, unpolished, organic and sticky or buhaghag are familiar with them.
Downsides are that the graphics are a bit unpolished and the voice acting sounds like something from early Playstation releases.
This is the main reason why we are promoting brown or unpolished rice as it has lower glycemic index, which means that it takes longer before it is converted to blood sugar, Dela Victoria explained.
Mayor Ko Wen-je is well-known for his unpolished attitude, as well as his numerous media appearances and interviews as a social and political commentator.
Patent leather, gold kid, unpolished nappa and fur are the new materials.