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I take it none of YOU are unpopular -- by reason of pride or insolence, or conspicuous prosperity, or any of those things that excite envy and malice among the base scum of a village?
I returned, however, with unabated vigour to my work--a more arduous task than anyone can imagine, who has not felt something like the misery of being charged with the care and direction of a set of mischievous, turbulent rebels, whom his utmost exertions cannot bind to their duty; while, at the same time, he is responsible for their conduct to a higher power, who exacts from him what cannot be achieved without the aid of the superior's more potent authority; which, either from indolence, or the fear of becoming unpopular with the said rebellious gang, the latter refuses to give.
I shall be unpopular for a time, I suppose, and your own position may be made a little difficult.
Show the management that such turns are unpopular, and in a day, in an instant, the management will cease catering such turns to its audiences.
He has got his nickname because he is the most unpopular man in his ship.
The expression of these unpopular sentiments appeared to raise me greatly in the estimation of Miss Dunross.
The girls laughed at me when I said so, and they declared that it would be a very improper thing to do, but I 've observed that they don't hesitate to snub 'ineligible parties,' as they call poor, very young, or unpopular men.
He was shy as "a wild mountain colt" and somewhat snobbish, and at first was most unpopular.
The Ministry had made a previous appointment which had been universally unpopular.
The unpopular gentleman looked coolly round, and addressing himself to Nicholas, said:
The contempt which fell upon the Puritans as a deposed and unpopular party found stinging literary expression in one of the most famous of English satires, Samuel Butler's 'Hudibras.
He could never play on the strongest side with any heart at football or cricket, and was sure to make friends with any boy who was unpopular, or down on his luck.