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I heard there by chance, yesterday morning," said Wemmick, "that a certain person not altogether of uncolonial pursuits, and not unpossessed of portable property - I don't know who it may really be - we won't name this person--"
It was a small bit of pork suspended from the kettle-hanger by a string passed through a large door-key, in a way known to primitive housekeepers unpossessed of jacks.
To be a great lover is to be a great mystic, since in the highest conception of mortal beauty that the mind can form there lies always the unattainable, the unpossessed, suggesting the world of beauty and finality beyond our mortal reach.
I was then almost assured that the inheritance had neither profited the Borgias nor the family, but had remained unpossessed like the treasures of the Arabian Nights, which slept in the bosom of the earth under the eyes of the genie.
He carried me over many fields of mortal men and over much land untilled and unpossessed, where savage wild-beasts roam through shady coombes, until I thought never again to touch the life-giving earth with my feet.
Unpossessed of conscience or moral instinct, you might have mastered the world, broken it to your hand.
The Significance of Unpossessed Evidence, NATHAN BALLANTYNE
The Finnish language--its complex grammar includes 15 noun cases--symbolizes everything unknown and unpossessed.
One of the few female contributors, Tess Slesinger, who was briefly married to Herbert Solow in the late 1920s, documented her experience with the group in her 1934 novel The Unpossessed.
She was ours In Massachusetts, in Virginia, But we were England's, still colonials, Possessing what we still were unpossessed by, Possessed by what we now no more possessed.
The Possessed by Dostoevsky The Unpossessed by Tess Slesinger
Virginity revisited; configurtions of the unpossessed body.