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The experience of being haunted by reproductions of contemporary artworks, with no real hope of comparing them to the originals, or investigating the work's context, or having even a small library of criticism against which to check one's opinions, constitutes an odd and not unpowerful dilemma--one that living in the art-importing center of the world normally prevents.
Bystanders may refrain from upward influence not because they are dispositionally predisposed to do so, or because they have poor relationships with their supervisors, but simply because their immediate superiors may be in structurally unpowerful positions.
Lindenberger's power of music - but are unpowerful values such as the "decorative" or "ornamental" always misplaced in opera?
It's been welocumented that shopaholics are sexually-deprived, unloved and unpowerful beings in dysfunctional relationships who, for a nano second, feel truly alive when credit card passes through till and that they thrive on that Prozac buzz of toting c arrier bag on arm.
All humans, the powerful and the unpowerful, understand themselves through complex discursive underwritings of existence.