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They selected 2 = sometimes perform if skills were practiced once or twice and selected the option 1 = never perform for any skill left unpracticed by the end of the fourth observation period.
In some ways the document appears to have been written by a child--it is riddled with crossed out words and phrases, and the handwriting has a loopy, unpracticed look to it.
During RMA readers are involved in a series of reading workshops in which the reader is recorded orally reading unfamiliar unpracticed texts.
74) Coles stakes his interest in alterity even more strongly, arguing that "vulnerable relations with outsiders are integral to the otherness of the church and that when this understanding of caritas is forgotten and unpracticed, the church loses its otherness and is assimilated to the violence of the world.
They are unpracticed at navigating the policy-making process that allocates major education funding and unprepared to remake large, complex and always-changing organizations, he said.
But that discussion is totally different from reinforcing Nato defence, which is based on mutual military support that in the past 10 years has become increasingly unpracticed.
On the other hand, children whose decisions are always made by overly paternalistic or controlling adults are rendered voiceless in society, vulnerable to exploitation, and unpracticed in the skills of making decisions and taking responsibility.
At the forefront of major social changes, of the import and diffusion of Western values, the journalist (and the mass-media institution) had to reinvent his professional identity without having the time for discernment, often relying on a rapid imitation, on indigested and unpracticed systems.
As Scott Kannberg (aka Spiral Stairs)--the band's guitarist, occasional singer and cofounder along with Malkmus--says, "We were the most unpracticed band there was.
In Egypt, impeachment of senior officials is impossible, resignation unpracticed, and bottom-up channels of communication tightly blocked.
Lee is one of those few living poets who are excellent readers of their own work, the majority being either too restrained, mannered, or simply unpracticed in the performance of poetry (theirs or that of others).
Putting one foot in front of the other may be an unpracticed pastime here in the UAE, but in the Italian capital, if you don't have the modern-day chariot, a Vespa or scooter, then getting the blood flowing through the legs is the best way to explore.