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In his lead catalogue essay, Waiboer suggests that Metsu may have feared competing head-to-head with Dou while living in Leiden, but subsequently sensed a market opportunity for a purveyor of fijnschilderij in Amsterdam, where local artists, unpractised in that stylistic speciality, offered little competition.
There was our unpractised bereavement, and the conviction that a festive reunion, just six weeks away, would "be good for mum," by which we meant good for all of us.
And is it not obvious that apart from the followers of Jabotinsky's Revisionists, they were too unpractised in and even repelled by violence to take up arms when they might have?
Due to the heavy pressure I exerted on the pencil with my clumsy, unpractised touch, the obverse of the list was ridged, as if it bore upon it a simultaneous translation into crudest Braille.
Unpractised and feeling a bit like I was in a community drama class, I had to admit it wasn't a particularly good impression, and if my companions hadn't been right in the middle of a conversation about fortune fish at the time then I don't think they would have recognised it as one.
EVEN the most unpractised hands can produce a flawless French manicure in record time with the new French Manicure two pens kit from Yves Saint Laurent.
The next morning, after all my culinary exertions, I took to the golf course - nine holes of hell for someone as unpractised as me.
Now, unpractised minds receive these impressions only from objects that are divided from each other by strong lines of demarcation; hence the delight with which such minds are smitten by formality and harsh contrast.
Paul explains: "The term 'cow keeper' was a literal one - with refrigeration still largely unpractised, the need for fresh milk required the animals to be stabled locally, and this was usually in yards at the rear of the dairies
To the unpractised ear a pibroch has no form and no melody.
A well-practised older person will be faster than an unpractised younger person.