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Full marks to Pakistani lower judiciary over its unprecedented endeavour to pre-empt crime in crime infested Pakistan.
The economy of the occupied Palestinian territories has hit an all-time low and faces unprecedented challenges due to tight Israeli occupation policies, according to a report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the leftist daily AS SAFIR reported Wednesday.
New Delhi, March 23 (ANI): India's main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party termed the Election Commission's urge not to nominate Varun Gandhi for upcoming polls as unprecedented.
You could be forgiven for assuming this would put the greatest demands on the reporter - requiring the rapid recall of some arcane fact about this unprecedented case.
This is also unprecedented in the survey's 20-year history, but the results should be taken more seriously, because I'm pretty certain that the nonrespondents are experiencing similar problems.
And do today's unprecedented large and growing global payment imbalances not carry with them the risk of a disorderly unwinding of those imbalances, which might intensify the protectionist policies that are all too much in evidence?
Computers may save school arts and will offer unprecedented opportunities for creative development.
Referring to the June 30 deadline for an Iraqi transitional government to be granted "sovereignty"--albeit more in name than in substance--the president declared: "On that day, the transitional administrative law [TAL], including a bill of rights that is unprecedented in the Arab world, will take full effect.
The security is unprecedented because of one, the level of terrorism threat and two, the nature of the President's visit.
As a result, customers gain unprecedented visibility and control of day-to-day building operations.
Unprecedented disasters, however, sometimes call for unprecedented actions.