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All our political parties should develop an unprejudiced cooperation to make this reform.
In fact, Butler argues that to forgive is to avoid abuses of resentment and to respond to an offender just as any unprejudiced "good men" would respond.
Sami's lyrics speak about his love for his religion and its tolerant teachings, with the aim of promoting a true and unprejudiced picture of Islam throughout the world.
Jack Harter Richard's partner who in his outward struggle to appear unprejudiced comes to see Richard as nothing more than a man and becomes a friend.
The senior began to tell her fellow graduates how God's love "is something that we all desire, it's unprejudiced, it's merciful, it's free, it's real, it's huge, it's everlasting.
Our streets were thought to be "paved with gold"--our citizens never to be jobless; our children never to go hungry; our government to be unprejudiced, and our schools to nurture generations of progressively accomplished individuals.
This volume sets out to 'encourage informed reading' and to stimulate 'fresh and unprejudiced thinking' about Pope.
monitoring agency that provides unprejudiced and impartial
The main objective of Bishkek Office is to assist development and introduction of the national programs to raise law awareness of electors, organizers of elections and international observers, creation conditions for a broad and unprejudiced coverage of preparation and conduct of elecctions.
This unbalanced state is stifling unprejudiced debate.
The aim is to advocate for the right to contraception and to truthful and unprejudiced sexual education.
Sustainable Fossil Fuels" makes a convincing argument for thorough review of the cost of energy sustainability, leading to an unprejudiced reconsideration of continuing the mixed use of fossil fuels.