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He noted that talks are ongoing over the two countries' relations and over developing Iraqi armed forces, especially in light of a failure to agree on a new military agreement and Iraqi forces' unpreparedness in defending Iraq from external dangers.
It is thought to occur when nurses know the right thing to do in an ethical sense, but are inhibited from doing so by a variety of constraints, both personal and institutional, eg unpreparedness for the complexities of a given ethical dilemma, Lack of peer and/or managerial support, difficult working conditions, and many more," he explained.
The last National Dialogue sessions were doomed from the start by haphazard planning and unpreparedness for negotiation.
forces in Iraq, under the pretext of the unpreparedness of Iraqi forces.
Disaster may strike at any time, and it is the unpreparedness that leads to the most damage.
France and Germany continue to be firmly against Bucharest and Sofia joining Schengen, citing the Balkan states' unpreparedness and warning of the underlying threat for entire Europe of such a measure.
They all have the same unpreparedness, with varied capacities to endure or adapt.
MANAMA: Given Bahrain's stable environment what, in retrospect, may seem like complacency or unpreparedness is quite understandable in terms of failure of businesses to have security and continuity programmes in place during the unrest.
The report states: "In many of the secondary schools visited, opportunities for students to listen to and communicate in the target language were often limited by many teachers' unpreparedness to use it.
The three companies' executives took turns blaming each other when asked about lax safety and unpreparedness.
The message here is that misperceptions combined with apathy leads to unpreparedness, and this likely is not a road you want to go down with your clients.
The military is more of a double-edged sword: 14% cite the nation's military strength and superiority as a national strength, but 15% cite military unpreparedness, lack of security from terrorism, and involvement in wars as a national weakness.