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Order was nowhere to be found, and the decision to even consider using the atomic bomb was unpreventable.
Shutting down of refinery operations especially the RFCC unit is always known to be associated with unpreventable phenomena, such as high flaring and noise.
Noted surgeon Frank Jobe, who performed the first ligament-transplant operation on Tommy John in 1974 and passed away in 2013, told Collins that some injuries are unpreventable.
Errors (N=43) classified by Chang's taxonomy [2] Taxonomy Domain Acute-care ward, Edendale Hospital, Pietermaritzburg Impact Death unexpected and preventable (5), death expected and unpreventable (5) Type/process Assessment (33), logistics (5), resuscitation (5), operative (0) Cause Planning (27), execution (16); omission (35), commission (8) Prevention Educational, targeted at recurrent errors Table 2.
It is an unpreventable condition and currently there is no cure," said Mr Paxton.
The children explained that some injuries are unpreventable because they just happen when they play football or hockey; they explained "injuries are part of the game.
These conditions can also occur due to other unpreventable factors such as age, genetic, menopause.
Follow a specially-designed animal trail around the cathedral and view various taxidermy animals from the Victoria Gallery and Museum's collection (the taxidermy is modern, meaning that all the animals have died of natural or unpreventable deaths and are safe to handle) .
But Gandhi warned that such unpreventable violence (which he characterised as 'existential violence') should not be made an excuse for rationalising the use of violence.
was resuscitated in the immediate post-birth period, and that her brain injury had proximately resulted from unpreventable birth complications, unrelated to the care provided to her and her mother at the Hospital.
It will take an effort from all quarters of society, driven by strategic partnerships, to tackle the social ills that both contribute to the incidence of disability and drain resources away from service provision to support unpreventable disability.